School Community

Traffic Management Plan

This plan is based on the premise of student, staff and community safety being preserved at all times. The process of dropping off and picking up students must be one of efficiency, safety and effectiveness. It will require all parties to follow the procedures established to ensure the satisfactory result.

Parents must drive in Gate 1 and drop students off only between the two pedestrian crossings. This is the only place for students to be dropped off. If the spaces are full, parents must wait until space is available before students leave the car. This zone is the only area of teacher supervision at morning and afternoon drop off and pick up. Parents are to remain in their car while in this area – students must be ready to leave the car when it is between the witches hats. Staff member supporting this opens & closes doors if required. When parents have dropped off the students they must leave the school through Gate 2 and then turn left when safe to do so. Parents and students must use the footpath so safety is maintained. Any parents who arrive with students after the music has finished must park and escort children to the front office to be signed in as late.

Students who are being picked up at the end of the school day will be gathering in the sheltered area at the pick up zone in their year levels. Students need to wait quietly and allow pedestrians moving through the area space to pass. Staff must ensure that students who are being picked up are in the area in a timely manner according to our PBL guidelines.

Parents will drive in Gate 1 and pick students up from this area. Students will not be permitted to get into cars unless the car is between the witch’s hats. It is the only area that will be supervised by staff. Staff members supervising should assist students into cars as required. Parents are not to leave the car when in this area and when the students are in the car, parents must leave the school through Gate 2 and then only turn left.

This zone will only hold a small number of cars at a time. It is hoped that the drop off and pick up procedures should take around 15 minutes. If students are still at school after this time, they need to be taken to the Foyer. Office staff will then contact parents of students that haven’t been picked up.

To enter Gate 1, it is expected that parents will come into Fairview Parade from the North. To ensure that parents are not kept waiting, or Fairview Parade is not blocked by cars and that our neighbours are able to use the street, the only turning into the school at Gate 1 will be a left turn from Fairview Parade. That may mean parents travelling north along Fairview Parade and using the roundabout at Daintree Boulevard and then heading south. Gate 1 opens at 3pm at the end of the day. Please refrain from blocking the street waiting for the gate to open. This impacts our neighbours and on days that students have been on excursions the buses need access to the gate so students can disembark safely.