Our School


We belong to the welcoming, inclusive parish community of St James the Apostle and partner with the well-established and highly regarded school of St James and the newly established St Clare’s primary school. Under the leadership of our parish priest Fr Jude Pirotta mssp our three primary schools participate in the ministry of the parish, providing a holistic Catholic education for the children of our parish.

The staff of St Francis of Assisi come with a wide range of experience, skills and expertise and a deep commitment to provide students with quality relationships and positive learning experiences. Each year new staff join our team and add value through their contributions to the quality of education being provided.

As an educational leader I believe in nurturing, guiding, inspiring and challenging students to enjoy learning and build their dispositions, skills and understanding to make sense of their world.  This will mean that each child will be known and understood so their individual potential is recognised and developed. As our learners progress through their years at St Francis, they will be supported to be self-motivated, confident and creative learners equipped for future success.

In leading the St Francis of Assisi school community I aspire to working in partnership with the students, families, staff and the parish to develop learners who will be successful in an increasingly complex and changing world. This can be achieved by interconnecting faith, life and culture so that we continue to build the common good and inspire our children to reach their fullest potential. It is by developing our faith, and understanding who we want to be and how we want to live, that we will continue to grow students who will be able to act upon the power they have for making a positive change in the world.

I commit my leadership over the coming years to empowering our learners to be their best, to influencing the habits of the mind and hearts of our teachers, and to working in partnership with the school community to realise your hopes and aspirations for your children.

Welcome to our community!  We look forward to sharing in your child’s learning and growth,

Michelle Gillett