Our School


St James the Apostle Parish is a diverse community that invites all members to come as they are and encourages them to grow in faith with strength and in gentleness. We aim to build a community that is Christ-centred and based on values of openness, equality, respect, trust and a sense of belonging. Together we strive to nurture our Catholic Faith and to develop an environment of excellence.

St Francis of Assisi is an integral part of the parish faith community of St James and the wider community of Hoppers Crossing North. The partnership between parish and school is vital in creating a community where people feel welcome and secure and where relationships are valued and nurtured.

We aim to provide a contemporary, engaging and innovative learning environment in order to equip our students to become independent lifelong learners and successfully take their place in a globalised world. Guided by Gospel values, our students will develop strategies to manage themselves individually and interpersonally, to understand our world and act ethically and responsibly.

Our students will grow in understanding of themselves and their world in the light of the Catholic tradition, by solving problems collaboratively, thinking critically and analytically, and having a sense of their ethical responsibilities in complex environments.

The pedagogy of St Francis of Assisi has its basis in personalised learning where teachers are invited to make individualised responses to learning needs and encourage students to be creative and reflective thinkers who take risks and are confident in their own learning. We aim to maximise learning outcomes for all students. As a learning centred school, we focus on utilising contemporary practices.

The physical environment of the school is flexible and adaptable, allowing opportunities for collaboration and independent investigation in areas where constant visual supervision can be maintained. It provides adequate access to the latest technological resources to enhance the learning and teaching opportunities for students and teachers. Students are enabled to be engaged in learning experiences that are personalised, rich, relevant and innovative. Storage and accessibility of resources to the learning spaces are incorporated the building design.
The learning environment is sustainable and conducive to building positive relationships with adults and students. Spaces for adult learning and engagement with the community promote the development of quality teaching and community partnerships, and contribute to the building of a professional learning culture.

The core aim of Francis of Assisi is to transform the quality of teaching and learning by strengthening relationships within the learning spaces, within the school, and between the school and the community. Further, it aims to build the leadership capacity of educators, parents, students and community members to be effective partners in school and community improvement and change.